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White Wind Creations

Beauty is the reflection of our true essence.  My passion is to catch this beauty in nature and people though professional photography.

Starry Milky Way Above Mt. Rainer

Milky Way Orange Sunset Glow Above Mt. Rainer

The Portfolio section of this website is a peek into my world through the camera lens; this collection I call White Wind Creations.

The name comes from my dad. After the family got settled into the car for a trip and we were taking off he would excitedly say,  "Go White Wind Go." I loved hearing that expression. I imagined White Wind to be a mystical horse running along the side of our car.  Later as a teen, I imagined myself on that horse---riding fast, and feeling strong as the wind touched my face and flowed through my hair, as this is what I felt when I first rode a horse at a gallop, along with a sense of touching heaven.

It is the same experience I get now when out among the wonders of nature, a great place to create art.

I invite you to check out this website. Next Gigs tells where my photography is showing locally (Northeast Kansas or Colorado Springs). For purchasing a photo, select from Portfolio and then contact me.

Night Photography is Enchanting

It captures  the many many stars  even those our human eyes cannot perceive. I am often asked, "Did you add stars to the photos?” My reply, "No; they are just that amazing!"

Several elements have to be just right to catch the Milky Way, starting with a dark sky, which consist of the New Moon phase. Other factors are: low humidity; little or no or few clouds, haze and light or air pollution; and a bright Milky Way (usually between May-Oct).

80% of Americans can’t see the Milky Way.  I had to drive several hours from my home or hop a plane or train to find the Milky Way. Hope you enjoy the night photos as much as I do capturing them. 

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