Hawks - Cat Rooney Photography

Jayhawks on Parade were 30 5-foot sculptures painted by various artists and displayed around Lawrence, KS in 2003. They were an open air art exhibit and fundraiser for the Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau. Then and now they are great fun with names like "Chip Off the Old Hawk," "Whoosh!", "We are all Stars," "John Brown Hawk" and "Shamrock Hawk." Some are in private hands, others were donated to KU, while several are still visible on original sites and been lovingly kept up/restored like the Peace, Love, and Daisy Hill Forever at the Central Bank of the Midwest/Douglas County Bank. Several are no more as they were stolen or destroyed by vandals. Here is my collection of the adorable Kaw Hawks, so far, of those you can photograph publicly. See them in framed form at one of my Fall art events (next Gigs)

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