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White Wind Creations

Beauty is the reflection of our true essence. My passion is to catch this beauty in people and nature though photography.

2016 was the start of a new look by printing on large-scale canvas and fabric, wood-based gallery wraps, and canvas mounted on a stand. The soft canvas was selected for several of the unique starry night photos as it enhances the artistic feel---almost like the photos are painted on the canvas. Accented are the many many stars in the Milky Way that the digital camera recorded but our eyes cannot perceive.

I am often asked, "Did you add stars to the photos?” My reply, "No; they are just that amazing!"

Several elements have to be just right to catch the Milky Way, starting with a dark sky, which consist of the New Moon phase and absence of light pollution. Other elements to increase successful photographing are: low humidity; little or no clouds, haze or air pollution; and a bright Milky Way (usually between May-Oct).

A recent study found that 80% of Americans can’t see the Milky Way. I had to drive several hours from my home or hop a plane or train to find the Milky Way.

Don't be surprised to see awesome food shots as I started as a photographer for the Life Style section of a media company.  Check out some of my recipes and corresponding pictures at Pinterest.

Going frame-less while preserving a professional style, I chose 12" x 18" gallery wraps on a wooden platform. This style is excellent for showcasing such photos as the Famous Sequoia National Park Fence, My New Digs Truck and Air-Stream, Strong Hall Jayhawk,  J.C. Nichols Fountain on the Plaza, and Live, Laugh, Love Barn in Vermont.

To explore a purchase of any of these items or other photos on the website please visit the For Sale section or Contact if you have any questions.

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